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Not Dead

2012-11-15 10:42:10 by ForeverBound

Hi Fans,

Here's another post. There isn't a lot to say to you so this is just to make sure for u that I'm not dead and still making music for u.
There are some new songs comming and one was released today i hope u check them out.

~Forever Bound~

Trying to get bigger

2012-10-02 10:29:40 by ForeverBound

Hi fans,

Sorry for let u all wait so long for new stuff to listen to but i'm out of creativity atm but I'm working really hard on some songs. I will never let you down. At the moment I'm trying to reach more people and also to keep the site's up to date with the latest stuff and songs. so plzz advertise for me, post songs on facebook whitch u liked etc so that i get more people who are listening to my music :)

I just made a FB page to keep closer in contact with u all and u can ofcourse add me on msn.

and there is something new gonna get but i don't say a word about that. it's more like a surprise for u :D

Forever Bound


Just another Newspost

2012-08-29 16:36:16 by ForeverBound

Wow i didn't expect that so much people reacted on the zerobomb thread. but really thanks of u guy's it's back to normal now.
i'm really happy with my fans so al the songs are made especially for u ;)

if u have friends, brothers, sisters or u do know anybody who also likes the music i make plzz give them some links =)

also school started here so producing won't get so fast but i'm still working on some projects and i garantee that u will get something new to listen to. So be prepared!!!

Greetz Forever Bound

Need help

2012-08-26 04:45:25 by ForeverBound

hi fan's

I need some help for you, some douchebag zerobombed me on the following song: Alway's and Forever (RMX)

so plzz bring it back to the score it belongs to

Greetz Forever Bound


2012-08-09 06:22:29 by ForeverBound

Hi guy's

I've wonderful news for u, i joined the RAC7 and i'm representing The Netherlands :D
i'm really excited, can't wait to hear the results :D

also i've a streak of 3 good songs running and i'm not intend to end that one so more good songs comming :D

Top 3
1 Happy Hour <- - - with this song i joined the RAC7
2 Alway's and Forever (RMX)
3 Horizon (RMX)


2012-07-29 05:54:22 by ForeverBound

Hi NG and Fans,

I'm just got back from my vacation in france and I have a lot of ideas atm so I hope to finish some projects ( which already needed to be finished).

I also have more good news and that is, that I'm joining the NGADM so let's hope I get through the auditions.

u can also see my set up, nothing really special but I thought it might be fun to post here. And I have to admit before I took the pica, I cleaned my desk.

~Forever Bound~

edit: I didn't made it in but there might gonna be another one because there where over 196 songs. I might get a change there.


Just Some Info

2012-06-12 14:25:20 by ForeverBound

Hi NG,

Here is my first news update since I started here. ( I doubt that somebody ready this )
ATM I'm working on different kind of songs and remixes so I've got plenty things to do. Luckly I got vacantion in 3 weeks so I've got plenty of time then to work on the projects. Those songs and remixes will be of better quality then the last 3 songs because I learnd some new tricks for example mastering.

Well that's enough about the projects I'm working on, now let me give you some more info about me. As you already know is that I'm and 17 year old Dutch boy and I'm mostly into making trance. I've made trance for the last 1.5 year and I'm still improving everytime I start a project. I'm also working with the famous FL studio, why you might think? well just because I've learnd to make trance with FL and it served me fine.

Some fun facs about me:
- I'm actually a metalhead. I mostly listen to metal, hardrock and alternative rock
- When I started producing music my goal was to become famous and earn money with it.
- Al my friends think that I'm insane because the don't like the music I produce.
- My little brother (14 year) is jalous that i can make listenable music. He tried it also some times but he doesn't have te patient to work on projects for a long time.
- I'm always serious.

well I hope I've told you enough about me. If you want to chat with me add me on msn ( look at the end of the post for it).
I'm always preparde to help so don't be ashamed to pm or mail me.

If you like my music plzz share it on your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or whatever social media you use. you can follow me also on Youtube ( that's where I put al the full mixes) and Soundcloud.


Forever Bound

Hi guy's

2012-04-04 13:51:18 by ForeverBound

Hi guy's,

I'm a new Trance producer so I hope you al gonna like it.
Because I can only upload 15 mb and I don't want to lose quality I only upload the radio versions of the songs. For the original mixes go and visit my youtube Channel

Follow me on soundcloud and youtube

Special thanks to Avizura who brought me here on the site, Thanks dude!!