2013-01-14 04:24:43 by ForeverBound

Hi folks,

I just uploaded my latest track and I think it is the best one for now :D
so give it a listen and let me know what u think of it :D


Greetz Forever Bound


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2013-01-14 05:46:43

Instruments and mastery sound good, drums are improved, but still need... an 'edge'.
It's quite repetitive, but I could get into it, if not listened to too much. If I were you, I'd cut the song in half.

The background effects are done well too, that needs to be said.

ForeverBound responds:

thanks man :D

I'm not gonna cut it in half, the middle part is just to give the dancers a little bit of rest to get back into the melody again. I also still think that the melody needs to be a bit more dancier and also a bit more catchier. but I'm trying to make every song better as the one before so I hope I achieve that goal

and who knows what the next song is gonna be :P


2013-01-14 07:55:59

Ah yes, it's for THAT purpose.

I'm not really one for parties and such, more for individual listening. Looks like you thought this through... good job.

ForeverBound responds:

thanks man :D