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2014-01-27 08:59:12 by ForeverBound

He guys,

I wish u all a happy new year it's a bit late but still ;)

atm I'm working on some new stuff  and here is the new wallpaper for 2014.

I hope u like it please let me know what u think of it in the comments ;)


New Stuff

2013-10-24 08:04:43 by ForeverBound

hey guy,s

I just uploaded some new stuff so check it out
new stuff will come just like the new logo for 2014. So any suggestions for that? what shall be the theme for my logo of 2014?

so keep whatching my channel so now and then and have fun =)

I'm Back

2013-08-06 14:14:56 by ForeverBound

Hey guy's I just got back from vacation and I have lots and lots of energy and ideas. So I just uploaded a new track go check it out: Click Here. it's a remix of the great track Beautiful life from Armin van Buuren.

Also I got some more cool news and that is that a game in whitch some of my music is used will be released on 13th of August. Here is the official trailer: here. So I can't wait to play the game. And last but not least I've got the honour to work togheter with 2 amazing artist.

So how was your vacation till now?


Forever Bound

Summer & Shit

2013-07-09 12:50:11 by ForeverBound

hey guy's

sorry for being so inactive lately here on NG but I didn't had the inspiration to make some new tracks.
so here is a little demo with some sounds I made the past month.
Yes it's real!!!

I uploaded something hehe. well can't make any new tracks so u still have to wait another 3-4 weeks until there pops something new up here, but hey on the bright side u got those amazing demo sounds now so check them out. and let me know what u think of my new kick,bass and chords. So which of the demo's is your fav? just let me know ;)

Love u guy's

Last Final

2013-05-28 06:29:34 by ForeverBound

Hi guy's

today I'm making my last Exam so after that I've got plenty of time to get back in the studio and make some awsome tracks.
I'm also thinking of remaking some older tracks because they are cool but I think I can make them even better.
Here is the tracklist:

Area 155 ( 2013 edit)
Concept X (2013)
This is It (2013 Remix)
Tears ( 2013 edit)

and maby a new track based on area 155. ofcourse there are also some new tracks comming but i'm not gonna tell anything about them :P

as u all can see, my new genre is trance. I've tried many genre's but i like trance the most so.

Love u guy's

Summer 2013

2013-04-29 12:03:31 by ForeverBound

Hi guy's

I just wanna say that I'm really looking forward to the summer of 2013. Atm I'm working on some Trance track's and well they do sound kinda cool. Also I'm really happy with my latest trance track and I've actually now words for it to describe it so u just need to listen to it. I hope u also like it as much as I like it. If u wanna keep in touch just add me on skype or msn.

Love u guy's

Just some new shit

2013-02-01 15:58:17 by ForeverBound

Hi guy's

I just uploaded a new song I hope u like it and if u do let me know if I need to make more of them :)

also I won't be that active as I already told u because I need to work hard on my examens


2013-01-14 04:24:43 by ForeverBound

Hi folks,

I just uploaded my latest track and I think it is the best one for now :D
so give it a listen and let me know what u think of it :D

Greetz Forever Bound

Hi Newgrounds,

I wishes u a merry christmas and a happy new year.
2012 was a pretty good year. there where ups and downs but in the end i'm pretty happy with the result. So i want to thank u all for the support. 2013 is gonna be even a better year because i've become better in making music. however i won't be as active somethims because of my examens but don't worry new music will come :D

Atm i'm working on different tracks and I have no idea when they are finished so keep an eye out on the AP for more tracks ;)

~Forever Bound~

ps: if there are any questions just ask :D

New Logo

2012-12-03 12:51:26 by ForeverBound

Hey guy's

I just made a new logo for 2013 :D
I already uploaded here for u and also especially u have made this background for the fans who want one.
I'm also into making house/Trance atm and i think the sound quality has become a lot better with the latest track called timeless:

Hope you like the new Logo's and the new song :D

~Forever Bound~

New Logo