Trying to get bigger

2012-10-02 10:29:40 by ForeverBound

Hi fans,

Sorry for let u all wait so long for new stuff to listen to but i'm out of creativity atm but I'm working really hard on some songs. I will never let you down. At the moment I'm trying to reach more people and also to keep the site's up to date with the latest stuff and songs. so plzz advertise for me, post songs on facebook whitch u liked etc so that i get more people who are listening to my music :)

I just made a FB page to keep closer in contact with u all and u can ofcourse add me on msn.

and there is something new gonna get but i don't say a word about that. it's more like a surprise for u :D

Forever Bound



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2012-10-02 11:58:02

Good luck

ForeverBound responds:

Thanks i will send u the midi tomorrow


2012-10-11 04:12:05

goodluck trying to find your creativity back and all.
i seem to know how it feels. been out of creativity myself these last 2 months so.. yeah.
hopefully you get better aswell! thats most important if your doing music, getting better, develop usefull skills try something else and all that nonsense lol.

ForeverBound responds:

I got my creativity a little bit back so I'm producing atm :D


2012-10-27 19:30:17

You're improving... I like what I'm hearing.

ForeverBound responds:

Thanks :D