Forever Bound 5 years!

2017-04-04 05:02:10 by ForeverBound

You guys thought maybe that a birthday and a giveaway was already festive enough but today Forever Bound exsist for 5 years already! That means time for another party!

Let's have a look back at one of the first songs every created by me on Forever Bound.

And don't forget to join that awesome giveaway that I'm hosting this week to celebrate!



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2017-04-04 11:24:52

Congrats on User of the Day! Listening to your music now and giving you a follow!

ForeverBound responds:

Thank you. It's an honor to be user of the day and to be part of this community. Nice present for 5 years for me being here :D


2017-04-04 21:09:19

user of the day yey
you got some good electro music
i really liked electron and walking in darkness
(didnt lisen all your songs but most was good)

the intro of the first song is sooooo good
ever thought of adding lyrics to any of your songs?

ForeverBound responds:

Thank you, recently I've been working more with lyrics on songs as I think it will make them a lot better :)


2017-04-04 21:27:56

420 fans lit

ForeverBound responds:

I know right :D