Geometry Dash 2.1 Level Reignite (Teaser Trailer)

2017-02-18 13:18:08 by ForeverBound

Its Saturday 18:00 CET again which means time for a new video! This time I will be sharing with you my latest teaser trailer for a level that I'm working on in Geometry Dash!

Check out the video and let me know what you think of it!

Happy Weekend everybody!




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2017-02-18 22:14:56

this is the kind of healthy GD should happen.

ForeverBound responds:

Then let's make more of this!


2017-02-19 09:31:43


I played it, also you should make the blue pads, the speed thingies and the invisible cube portal as visible so it'll be less confusing. Also use the S special block (you can find it on the portals, jump rings and etc.) to prevent the player from keeping dashing at the dash jump ring (the triangle green one). Also change the block design right before before the piano (the one at 0:08). You can also skip one jump at 0:08. Pretty good still.

ForeverBound responds:

Thank you for your tips. I will look into them :)


2017-03-14 13:39:50

Whoa nice! I can see that this isn't FunnyGame or Etzer level of quality. but it's a good level nonetheless! If you make it copyable when it's finally done, i'd like to decorate it even more :p (username in gd: azpy)

ForeverBound responds:

I will make the next version copyable so you guys can play around with it :)


2017-03-14 19:49:40

Besides great composer, the level's going alright since now! Still can't believe it's a mix between Etzer and FunnyGame!

ForeverBound responds:

Thank you, thats very kind of you :)


2017-03-17 13:00:23

So awesome <333

ForeverBound responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you like it :)