New Logo

2012-12-03 12:51:26 by ForeverBound

Hey guy's

I just made a new logo for 2013 :D
I already uploaded here for u and also especially u have made this background for the fans who want one.
I'm also into making house/Trance atm and i think the sound quality has become a lot better with the latest track called timeless:

Hope you like the new Logo's and the new song :D

~Forever Bound~

New Logo


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2012-12-03 14:41:59

I like the new logo, and my last review pretty much counts for your newest upload too. I do like both the melody and the background fx a lot though.

ForeverBound responds:

Yeah because of u I tried to make some better uplifting sounds and I love them now. only the drums need to be changed then I guess?


2012-12-03 16:32:20

Well, pretty cool logo! Made by yourself?

ForeverBound responds:

Yes 100% made by myself just like my music :D


2012-12-03 20:54:55

Eet xo ugli!

ForeverBound responds:



2012-12-04 01:51:22

Yeah, in general, they are okay, it's just the emphasize on the clap and the reverse claps that's gotta go. I'd also like to see more depth in the drums by not having the same line repeating in the song the entire time.

Otherwise, great job!

ForeverBound responds:

well u don't see that much with House and trance actually different drum lines in one song so it's pretty hard to make it sound right and I also don't like too much variation in the drums. I think they need to kept simpel and not to overwelming so that the other sounds like the bass and the melodies can get more into the front


2012-12-09 07:38:54

Ik ga wel ff verder in NL.

Je ziet juist bij de betere house/trance-artiesten dat ze op z'n minst een opbouw hebben wat betreft de drums. Uiteindelijk zal (vooral bij house) de drums niet verpletterend uitgebreid zijn, maar bij de wat langere trance-nummeres zie je ongelofelijk veel variatie. Ik hou daar persoonlijk enorm veel van, maar ik snap dat het een hoop tijd en moeite kost als artiest om vele patronen te maken.

Neem gewoon de tijd om te ontdekken waar je het beste in bent en blijf experimenteren.

ForeverBound responds:

Okay wel dit maakt een hoop duidelijk ;)