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In this weeks video I'm playing a level that you guys created and is using my song Stereo Madness 2.

The level is called Sonar by Jerkrat. I want to give you guys an overlook of this awesome level as it uses my music and I love it that it gets used in the game to create something awesome.

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Geometry Dash 2.1 Level Reignite (Teaser Trailer)

2017-02-18 13:18:08 by ForeverBound

Its Saturday 18:00 CET again which means time for a new video! This time I will be sharing with you my latest teaser trailer for a level that I'm working on in Geometry Dash!

Check out the video and let me know what you think of it!

Happy Weekend everybody!



Its Saturday 18.00 CET and that means time for a new video!

In this weeks video I will be looking at my second part of my 3 part mixing tutorial. We will be looking at how you can make your mixing better by using volume and panning.

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Stereo Madness Gameplay

2017-01-28 12:05:46 by ForeverBound

It's Saturday 18:00 here and that means it's time for another video!

In this video you will see me playing Stereo Madness and also anwser some questions you guys have.

If you have a question for me that I didn't awnser yet then put them in the comments!


Enjoy watching :D



Channel Trailer!

2017-01-24 03:15:59 by ForeverBound

What's a Youtube Channel without a Trailer? Check out my brand new trailer!


Merry Christmass

2016-12-24 13:16:41 by ForeverBound

Hey Guys,

Merry Christmass to you all! And because it's (almost) when I post this I thought. Why not make a Christmass special for all of you.

Check out my latest video Christmass Special video:

And don't forget to vote on your favorite track of this year!

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More Music and Updates

2016-09-12 10:53:16 by ForeverBound

Hey all you Newgrounders!

It's been awhile since I posted something here and updated my status but I just uploaded a new piece for all of you. Go check it out! 


It's a dubstep/trap remix from a song a friend made.

If you want to have more updates of me and what I'm doing then please follow me on




I keep those sites more updated then my Newgrounds


Have a good Monday all!

Purified Soul

2016-02-04 15:15:48 by ForeverBound

Hello everyone, 

Its a fact, the first track of 2016 has been uploaded! Its a progressive/uplifting house song with a happy but minimalistic touch to it.

Please check it out and let me know what you all think of it!

New Logo

2015-11-22 09:43:29 by ForeverBound

I decided it was time to get a real logo and the results are amazing. I wanna thank Kudrianto Said for the amazing logo he made. You did an awesome job and I love the new logo and banner. You are a true artist my friend.

Let me know what you guys are thinking of the new logo and banner :)


Mystifying Dust

2015-09-26 12:09:59 by ForeverBound

I got great news, I just uploaded a new track called Mystifying Dust. please go and check it out. I'm really curious what you think of it :)